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Our roots are in Ontario, and even though we currently only offer virtual based supports for folks in Ontario, we are honoured to still work with many people from all around the province. Brandon continues to be registered with the OCSWSSW as a Social Worker and Psychotherapist, and provides innovative and creative supports for kids, youth and adults over phone and video.

Phone Camera


We've been surprised how effective phone and video based sessions can be. So much so that we've chosen to expand our 'nature and adventure roots' so that we can keep connecting with people who either prefer this way of meeting, or don't live geographically close.


Phone or video based sessions are available for kids, youth and adults. Sessions can look like traditional talk therapy, or we get pretty creative with kids and youth through art, music and challenging activities (picture a mix between double-dare, a scavenger hunt and floor is lava while talking about feelings).

Phone or Video Based Sessions

Available to Ontario Residents

Kids / Youth/ Adults

120$/60m      160$/90m

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