What is HeartMath: Biofeedback?

So...why would anyone want to know that?

Studies show a strong link between our heart rhythms, and our mental well being. When we learn to change our heart rhythms, we can learn to change our mental state. We can become more focused, peaceful and resilient through the process. As an Add Heart Facilitator, Brandon is certified to share this technology, and simple exercises with you during your session, for no additional fee. Watch these videos if you are interested in learning more. This technology and training gives us an incredibly helpful addition to our Adventure Therapy to find out what works best for you to manage stress in the moment, with second by second readouts on our waterproof phone or tablet during your session! Please let Brandon know in advance if you would like to incorporate this practice into your session.

A vehicle has gauges to show you what's going on inside, so that you can see when the engine in running well, or when you need to pull over and check things out. Technology from HeartMath gives us a safe and simple way to see what is going on between our heart, and our brain.