British Columbia

Whether it's in person in Golden, or over phone or video anywhere across BC, we're honoured to be a part of your life. Brandon is an MSW Social Worker and Psychotherapist registered and in good standing with the British Columbia College of Social Workers . 

Youth Counseling

Office Based

Sometimes being inside is just a better fit. All sessions can include CBT, ACT, Mindfulness and Narrative Therapy based approaches, as well as biofeedback if interested.


Sessions available for kids and youth can include Giant Jenga, Connect 4, art and music based sessions, HeartMath biofeedback and Brandon might even bring his Switch.


Sessions for adults can look like traditional therapy, or can feel more like shooting the sh*t over a coffee. We can play giant Jenga too by the way.

Available only in Golden, BC

120$/60m      160$/90m

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing: Group and Individual Therapy

We're excited to be working with climbing guides and other outdoor professionals in Golden, to create some innovative and meaningful group therapy experiences combining traditional group therapy with rock climbing. 

Brandon worked as a group therapist for years, and has a passion for the unique experience of being surrounded with folks who are going through similar stuff.


Our hope is to develop groups for kids, youth and adults to talk about shared experiences, identities and difficulties while climbing, hiking and eating together.


Dates and Groups to be Announced

No Experience Necessary. 


Partnering with Professionals

We love chatting with other outdoor and adventure professionals in dreaming about how we may combine their activities, business, and expertise with Nature and Adventure Based Therapies. 

We're always dreaming of new ideas... from surf camps for cancer survivors, youth with ADHD and a backcountry skiing weekend, to a whitewater rafting afternoon for new-Canadians. We'd love to hear how you would like to connect your profession with helping others.

We've connected with outdoor and adventure businesses in Canada, the USA and Mexico in creating meaningful and therapeutic moments for others.

Send us a message and let's connect!

Mountain Path

Walk and Talk

Sometimes talking about life on a trail is just a little bit easier. Experience nature-based therapy year-long, while we explore a local path in Golden, BC.  Based on roughly 5 years of nature based work, this was a favourite for kids, youth, and adults in Ontario who prefered to be outside, and we're excited to offer it in BC. 

All sessions can include CBT, ACT, Mindfulness and Narrative Therapy based approaches, as well as biofeedback if interested.

Available only in Golden, BC

120$/60m      160$/90m


Hiking Based

We're fortunate to never be that far from a great hiking trail here in Golden. Explore the trails yearlong utilizing a mixture of NAT (Nature Assisted Therapy) and Adventure Therapy alongside traditional approaches inspired by CBT, ACT, Mindfulness Based Approaches, biofeedback and Narrative Therapy.


That's a complicated way to say: let's talk about life on a hike...

We've offered hiking based sessions for kids, youth, adults and groups for years in Ontario, and are excited to walk together here in our home of Golden.

Sessions in Development.

No Experience Necessary. 


Phone Camera



We've been surprised how effective phone and video based sessions can be. So much so that we've chosen to expand our 'nature and adventure roots' so that we can keep connecting with people who either prefer this way of meeting, or don't live geographically close.


Phone or video based sessions are available for kids, youth and adults. Sessions can look like traditional talk therapy, or we get pretty creative with kids and youth through art, music and challenging activities (picture a mix between double-dare, a scavenger hunt and floor is lava while talking about feelings).

Phone or Video Based Sessions

Available to BC Residents

120$/60m      160$/90m


Skiing downhill

Guides with Heart

In collaboration with outdoor professionals in Ontario and BC, we are developing a program to compliment the expertise, experience and training of guiding professionals to further develop their 'soft skills'. 

As a guide, you already have the skills and expertise to work with a variety of people in often complex and challenging environments. We hope to provide conversation, expertise and further resources to  help guides understand themselves and their clients even better. 

Although still in development, the Guides with Heart Project will explore self-care, mental health, better understanding client reactions and responses, working with complex clients, communication strategies, stress management, meaning and purpose in the work, and other concrete tools and resources to help you continue to grow in your abilities to create meaningful and life-changing moments for your clients.