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**Please Note** Our indoor and urban sessions have been temporarily placed on hold as we re-configure in light of social distancing practices. We understand that this is a challenging time and are still available to meet in person for a forest hike or can have a session over the phone - please use the 'book online' option. If you have previously booked a rock climbing or urban session, please contact us for more information. Please take good care of yourselves in these rapidly changing times. 

Forest Trail Hike


$115/ 60min

$145/ 90min

Step into the wilderness, close to the city, with a nature-based therapy hike. We can also explore outdoor photography and survival fort building.

Offered at Sunnidale Park in Barrie.

No Experience Necessary. 

All Genders. All Bodies.

18 and Under. 

Indoor Rock Climbing


$115/ 60min

$145/ 90min

Individual Counselling Sessions while we rock climb together. Build trust, confidence, and work on life skills side by side.

Offered at Alt. Rock Barrie

Includes day climbing pass & all rentals

No Experience Necessary. 

All Genders. All Bodies.

Ideal for 8-18 yr olds. 


On Hold

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Owner and Lead Facilitator

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